Sunday, December 4, 2016

AI Defenders must resemble Real-life Counterparts

Imagine the look on your face if CP3 did a series of tomahawk dunks in a game against you, or if Joakim Noah went 5 for 5 from behind the arc. How about Dwight Howard converting 12 of 12 free throws? All good or nah? *Laughter* Probably no, right?...the reason is simple, because its not AUTHENTIC. Those players simply don't possess the skill-sets we just mentioned. Seeing those things happen in a game just wouldn't be worthy of simulation basketball.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How the D-Stick can save NBA2K

To people who know, i've touted the benefits of an expanded and more dynamic right stick defense for some time now. Why? Because its really important. FACT: The NBA league leader in steals got just over 2 per night last year, the blocks leader got 3. The simple fact is that NBA is not a blocks and steals league, its a position defense one. Its a league where good defenses make shots harder...where good defenders bother/change more shots than they send into the front row or swipe away. NBA 2K is a good sim but its still a game where defenders are trying to block jump-shots, one of the biggest basketball no-no's of them all. And its not as if there isn't a way to challenge those shots by getting a hand up instead. Blocks and Steals are high risk plays and simply have to be more foul-prone, more Risk/Reward, and gameplay has to punish bad timing and using the wrong personnel instead of allowing it as a band-aid for defensive gameplay.

Monday, November 21, 2016

To Dunk or not to Dunk...

 We've all played a game online and had a post guy get a good seal and make our minds up to flush it, right? So here's what happened the other day...that exact situation, I throw the pass, then turbo so Jahlil can mash on this guy and then this happens......

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Steals and the Zero Sum Game

One of the real gifts that online play offers is the thrill of the head-to-head challenge against another player. The act of matching up against another person offers a brand of freshness and unpredictability that no AI can match...this gift, though...can also be a curse.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why I HATE the Shot Meter

So? How did we get here? Its time we consider the roots of the Shot Meter...and how it came to be. Too many casual fans didn't understand why they were missing shots and where a certain player's release "sweet spot" was. I guess I get it. 2K wanted to offer accountability, a sort of "Here's why this happened." kind of catharsis for the more emo fans of 2K, and make shooting more skill-based, if you will. But was it really necessary? Secondly, has it created unrealistic expectations now that users can see they got a "good" release? I would have preferred a better 2KU mode that showed allowed you to see where the a player's optimum release point was but obviously I wasn't the person making the decision.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blocks & Drawing Fouls

Guess what true-believers, blocks in NBA 2K17 are largely unchanged from NBA 2K16, yup I said it...While we're not seeing the chase-down block animation every two minutes, players with low block ratings are STILL blocking shots at a rate that is simply too high. Consider the case of shot-blocker extraordinaire Jeremy Lin...............

Thursday, September 22, 2016

2K17 Musings...

Needless to say i'm really enjoying my time with 2K17. For those who know me....2K Hunger Strikes are things of the past 😉. First, let me start by giving a tremendous shout-out to the 2K Dev team. These guys year after year get us a great product and continue to improve it by leaps and bounds. They incorporate our feedback, desires, wants and needs in addition to dealing with the not-so-great stuff players inevitably find. I'm still in shock that the company that does animation better than any other in the genre (and took gameplay to the next level as a result) was brave enough to literally risk it all to be more responsive and create a true 1-to-1 dribbling system.