Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why I HATE the Shot Meter

So? How did we get here? Its time we consider the roots of the Shot Meter...and how it came to be. Too many casual fans didn't understand why they were missing shots and where a certain player's release "sweet spot" was. I guess I get it. 2K wanted to offer accountability, a sort of "Here's why this happened." kind of catharsis for the more emo fans of 2K, and yes...to make shooting more skill-based, if you will. But was it really necessary? Secondly, has it created unrealistic expectations now that users can see they got a "good" release? I would have preferred a better 2KU mode that showed allowed you to see where the a player's optimum release point was but obviously I wasn't the person making the decision.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blocks & Drawing Fouls

Guess what true-believers, blocks in NBA 2K17 are largely unchanged from NBA 2K16, yup I said it...While we're not seeing the chase-down block animation every two minutes, players with low block ratings are STILL blocking shots at a rate that is simply too high. Consider the case of shot-blocker extraordinaire Jeremy Lin...............

Thursday, September 22, 2016

2K17 Musings...

Needless to say i'm really enjoying my time with 2K17. For those who know me....2K Hunger Strikes are things of the past 😉. First, let me start by giving a tremendous shout-out to the 2K Dev team. These guys year after year get us a great product and continue to improve it by leaps and bounds. They incorporate our feedback, desires, wants and needs in addition to dealing with the not-so-great stuff players inevitably find. I'm still in shock that the company that does animation better than any other in the genre (and took gameplay to the next level as a result) was brave enough to literally risk it all to be more responsive and create a true 1-to-1 dribbling system.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Playoff Observations #2

Since I rapped with you guys last Charlotte, Houston, the Clippers, Indiana, Boston and Dallas are gone and Stephen Curry has sat multiple games with an injury. One of the coolest things recently has been watching the actual games and compare it to NBA 2K's stellar gameplay, to see the aspects that are being displayed well as well as the stuff that needs work.

In the second round we've been reminded how deep the Warriors are, how other guys are offsetting the continued struggles of Toronto's two stars, Cleveland's momentum and how thankful I am 2K referees would never let Dion Waters elbow anyone while inbounding the ball *chuckle*. Here are some of the other things I noticed.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

User Bonuses: Bad or Good?

Humor me for a second, OK? Imagine you're playing a simulation game of hoops in NBA 2K. You're controlling whoever your favorite team is and having a close game against a really good opponent (who's using the Spurs) It's a back and forth affair and as the fourth quarter comes to a close you're down one.

You run a down-screen for your best shooter who's being covered by Kawhi Leonard, it gives him a little separation and you take a step and set your feet. Your opponent scrambles to get Kawhi back into the play, he challenges the shot, you let it fly and then......................

Monday, April 18, 2016

Playoff Hoops Observations...

I love playoff basketball, partly because it's basketball at the highest level. There aren't any Tomato Can matchups (well...maybe the Mavs/OKC) and the argument can be made that all the teams are atleast "solid". One of the coolest things is to watch the game and compare it to NBA 2K's stellar gameplay, to see the aspects that are being displayed well as well as the stuff that needs work.

It was lovely to see some teams compete in close matchups (Detroit) while others (Dallas, Hornets, Portland) basically laid down or are decimated by injuries (Memphis). The most impressive individual showing to me was the masterpiece Paul George had on the road in Toronto. He simultaneously shut-down Derozan while killing him offensively, putting to rest any questions about his returning to form. Here are some of the other things I noticed.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

NBA 2K16: Smoothing out the Rough Edges


After months of being a 2K Hermit i've had the opportunity to really delve into the great aspects of NBA 2K16 and the ones that need improving. Most of you guys know i'm a Sixer fan, and for the first time I can truthfully say 2K has nailed the talent gap between teams. Despite my having played this game for over 10 years, you can't imagine how difficult it is to get a win with Philly--and shouldn't it be? Make no mistake it's not just that other teams make more shots...there's actually depth to it: The Sixers lack shot makers, have a smaller threshold for turnovers, foul too much (and at the worst times lol), have bad defensive rotations, bad defenders and don't get calls. I'd probably like to see more bad passes in gameplay but trust me, 2K officially nailed the 'bad team' thing.

And THE GAMEPLAY in NBA 2K16 is stellar as always, trust. As are features like Play Now Online, Practice Plays, Home Court Advantage, Roster Updates, and the Pick and Roll, but there are still aspects that need tuning. I was fortunate enough to play over 100 online games (winning 40) and as nothing exposes game balance like the player vs player experience, I feel qualified to speak on the parts of NBA 2K that are well balanced and the ones that need some work. I'm sure 2K devs are deep into development for the next version of the game, so I compiled a list of ten things they need to focus on.